How to get playback output in Sibelius

If you are attempting to play sound in Sibelius and don’t hear anything, this could solve your problem.

Step 1 – Start Sibelius, it may be necessary to force quit (Command+Alt+Esc) Sibelius if it is already open and not responding.

Step 2 – Select “Play” from the menu bar at the top of the screen

Step 3 – Select “Playback Devices…” at the bottom of the drop down menu

Step 4 – Click the “Audio Engine Options…” button in the bottom right corner of the new window

Step 5 – Click the Interface drop down menu at the top of the new window. Select “Built-in Output (CoreAudio)” as the Interface.

Step 6 – Close the Audio Engine Options and Playback Devices windows. This should fix the problem.

If “Pro Tools Aggregate I/O (CoreAudio)” was previously selected, this should fix the problem. If “Built-in Output (CoreAudio)” was already selected and you are still having problems, please notify the Lab Monitor on duty for assistance.

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