Audio Editing Assignment

Create a brief fixed media composition using only “found sounds”—sounds from the real world, not counting voices or musical instruments. Give it a beginning, introduce one or two ideas, build to a climax, and create a conclusion. If you have trouble thinking of it as music, then consider it sound art. You may record your own sounds, download some sounds from the PerfTech site (click here), or find other sounds, but remember:

  • You must own or have permission to use the materials you use (e.g., a Creative Commons license), and if they’re not yours, you must give credit. If you use the sounds from the PerfTech site, credit “Sound materials gathered by PerfTech students at Texas A&M University.”
  • Use uncompressed audio (no MP3s).
  • If you use sounds with ambient noise, or a low-quality microphone, etc., you’ll need to either fix them (remove or improve them) or find ways to exploit those properties creatively (make it apparent that it needed to be that way on purpose).

Post your composition (full-quality uncompressed stereo audio file) and a brief description of the sounds, processes, and structure you used in a single post in the Audio Editing category by class time.


  • 25–30 second duration: no more and no less!
  • Free of clicks (e.g., from sudden edits without fades or from errors during the final bounce)
  • Free of clipping (from audio levels that are too high)
  • Appropriate use of editing and processing (including avoiding sudden discontinuities from ambient sound cutting in and out)
  • Appropriate use of dynamic range (i.e., normalize your bounce!)
  • Clean ending (no truncated endings)

Listen to your final bounced file to check it against the criteria above!

For inspiration, here are some 60-second compositions by previous PerfTech students: click here

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