Installations November 4–8, 2014

Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa by Merja Nieminen & James Andean


Merja Nieminen is a Finnish visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki. Her studies include architecture studies in the University of Technology, Helsinki, and media art studies in Medialab, University of Art and Design, Helsinki. She collaborates with artists from fields including electroacoustic, rhythm music, classical music, dance and new circus. Current projects include collaborations with Tuomas Norvio, James Andean, Defunensamble, Mikko Kallinen Company, Circo Aereo and Meidän Orkesteri. Her works include abstract animations for audiovisual performances and installations.
James Andean is a musician and sound artist. He is active as both a performer and a composer in a range of fields, including electroacoustic composition and performance, improvisation, sound installation, and sound recording. He has performed throughout Europe and North America, and his works have been performed around the world. He is currently completing a doctorate in acousmatic composition at the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy, in Helsinki, Finland.

“Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa” is an audiovisual installation by visual artist Merja Nieminen and sound artist James Andean. The installation constructs a ‘live’ dynamic system, comprised of projected 3D graphics and projected sound, creating a virtual environment or ecosystem which changes and evolves in real-time. It explores the capacity of the spectator to create relationships – to build worlds – from multiple sensory information.
The completed work runs live in the Processing and MaxMSP programming environments. The visuals are constantly being freshly generated by Processing, and output to two projectors in the gallery space; being live, the work never presents the same scene twice – each and every visual moment is entirely unique. Sound is multiply triggered by MaxMSP, and diffused in the gallery using a multiple loudspeaker system; Max analyses its various audio outputs, and sends information on envelope and spectral content to Processing, which uses this data to control the motion and movement of the projected visuals.
These relationships are kept in a delicate balance between clarity and obscurity. Are visible behaviours triggered and controlled by sound, or do their behaviours create sound? Are we listening to their actions, or are we watching them respond to the sounds of their environment? This projected universe operates on its own laws; familiar, but somehow elusive. These laws appear to be based in sound, or to emit sound: objects turn; the projected world turns… while sound events strike, scurry past, or resonate…
“Re:****Sitruuna ja meduusa” received an honorary mention in the 2013 Destellos Competition.

The Moment by ss-io

ss-io is a media art duo organized by Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae. Hyun Ju Song is a media artist based in Berlin. She has been producing interactive/audiovisual performances and installations that explore the hidden sensitivity of daily life and bridge the gab between ideal and reality. Mi Lyoung Bae is a sound artist based in Seoul working on music composition, sound design for theater, animation and media art. Since 2011 they have collaborated on audiovisual projects.

Generative audiovisual installation / Audiovisual Performance

When people face an absurd situation in Korea, they say “It makes no word.”. This project is about the absurd moment and creates no word out of words.

In the project the Latin alphabet is conceived of as the abstract geometry like oskar Schlemmer conceived of the human body as the abstract geometry in Triadisches Ballett. The letters are disassembled and transformed by spinning as a new visual artistic medium.