TAMU students: Complete the Orientation any time, then Evaluate works September 1–May 1!

Congratulations to our 2013–14 finalists!

in alphabetical order:

  • Russell Chartier & Paul Botelho
  • Nathan Felix
  • Andrew Hill
  • Jaroslaw Kapuscinski
  • Cedric Kiefer
  • Merja Nieminen & James Andean
  • Sylvia Pengilly
  • Kyle Sanna

The Fresh Minds Festival is a public performance of audiovisual artworks by professional artists, student-curated under the direction of a multi-disciplinary team of faculty.

For professional artists worldwide, Fresh Minds Festival will be an internationally prominent juried venue for their work with a unique angle: knowing the selected works are ones that reach out to informed newcomers to new media art. The world of such artworks and festivals is vibrant. However, this call for works will be a unique presence between festivals “by specialists, for specialists” that tend to leave newcomers behind, and “people’s choice” festivals that tend to value light entertainment over artistically engaging, thought provoking works.

TAMU students will have personal and thoughtful encounters with artworks being made now, in their own time, using modern tools. They will gain an understanding of how they may evaluate and communicate about expressive works in the visual and performing arts and with it, gain a better understanding of how the arts fit, contribute, and can be evaluated within academe.

This activity will equip and encourage students to become lifelong learners, enriched with an appreciation and understanding of creative expression.