Theatre Arts

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B.A. in Theatre Arts

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The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts provides a broad humanistic education in the liberal and fine arts. Our curriculum explores the full range of theatre:  Western and non-Western, past and present, classical and popular, traditional and contemporary.  We offer courses in acting and directing; theatre technology and set construction; costume, lighting, and set design; make-up and costume production; theatre history and criticism; and performance as research.  All these elements present a foundation of training for the emerging theatre artist.

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Minor in Theatre Arts

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Students are encouraged to become involved in the Theatre Arts Program as a complement to their major fields. The Theatre Arts Program in the Department of Performance Studies offers instruction to students who want to study theatre as a liberal art. Introductory and advanced courses emphasize interrelationships among performance, design, theatre history, and analysis of dramatic texts. Attendance at, and participation in, program productions are encouraged to supplement the classroom experience.

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Theatre Program Course Descriptions

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Theatre Arts Student Handbook

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This handbook introduces students to the policies and procedures of the Theatre Arts Program at Texas A&M University. It clarifies our vision of the role of Theatre Arts within a research university. It defines our expectations for students pursuing the Theatre Arts Major or Minor. It situates our academic and artistic mission with regard to our students, the College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University, and the national and international network of academic theatre programs to which it is inextricably tied. Theatre Arts is a challenging major, both in class and production. Theatre majors and minors are expected to act as apprentice theatre artists/scholars whether in classrooms, in rehearsal spaces, in the Scene and Costume Studios, and on- and off- stage in performance.

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