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B.A. in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music at Texas A&M University is a unique degree. We offer an interdisciplinary approach to the study of music, with courses that focus on the interrelationships between music theory, cultural history, and performance.  Students specialize in one of three main foundational areas—composition and theory, ethnomusicology and historical musicology, and music technology—and take elective classes that provide the flexibility to attain a variety of professional goals. The program features a collaborative environment and affords many opportunities for personal contact with members of the faculty and distinguished visiting artists.

Minor in Music

Students from diverse musical backgrounds are encouraged to become involved in the study and practice of the musical arts at Texas A&M University as a complement to their major fields of study. Introductory and advanced courses in the Music Program emphasize the interrelationships among music history, theory, ethnomusicology, composition, technology, performance, and other visual and performing arts. Attendance at the numerous concerts and lectures presented each year and participation in performing ensembles are encouraged to broaden the student’s experience beyond the classroom. Students seeking a structured approach to the study of music may wish to consider the Minor in Music.

Ensemble Performance:  University Bands and Choral Activities

Any TAMU student is eligible to audition for the University Bands or Choral Activities.  Note that some ensembles can be applied to the curriculum in the B. A. in Music and the Minor in Music.

Music Program Course Descriptions

Applied Individual Instruction Professors